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Strut Hair Care

The Comb Kit

The Comb Kit

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Every comb you need to perfect your hair care game comes in one cute storage bag. The Comb Kit contains four tried and tested breakage-free acetate combs to prep and style your mane while protecting hair from damage. Sectioning can be made easy with the tail comb, whilst the wave comb is perfect for brushing out Mermade waves and curls. Protect curl integrity with the afro comb, and gently comb product through without damaging hair with the detangling comb.

Tail – the long thin handle is perfect to lift, divide and section the hair for precision styling
Wave – the wave comb has wide gaps so you can effortlessly comb and separate curls and waves
Afro – the long, wide teeth on the afro comb are designed to get into tightly curled hair and lift it up to detangle and create more volume without destroying the curl pattern
Detangle – using a specially designed comb when combing product through will help evenly distribute the product and brush out tangles while also avoiding damage to the hair follicle

+ Water-resistant soft storage bag

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