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Muk Curl Stick V2.0

Muk Curl Stick V2.0

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Get ready to turn heads with the Muk Curl Stick V2.0! This amazing curling wand is like your best friend when it comes to creating the most awesome curls and waves. It’s super easy to use and gives you the kind of curls you see on your favorite Instagram influencers – effortless and fabulous!

Switch It Up for Different Styles

You can create all sorts of looks with this magic wand. There are four different barrels you can snap on, depending on your mood: 

  • The 19-25mm conical barrel is great for those cute, natural curls.
  • The 25-25mm straight barrel gives you those soft, bouncy curls everyone loves.
  • The 28-22mm wedge barrel is perfect for beachy waves that scream summer.
  • The 38-27mm oval barrel? It's all about those glamorous, red carpet curls!

Heat Your Way to Perfect Curls
No need to stress about the heat – we've got you covered. The Curl Stick V2.0 heats up super fast, and you can choose from five different temperatures (120°C, 150°C, 170°C, 190°C, and 210°C). So whether you have thin or thick hair, you can style your locks without a hitch.

Say Goodbye to Frizz
We all hate frizz, right? That's why this curling wand uses fancy ion field technology to keep your hair smooth and shiny. It’s like magic for your hair – say hello to Instagram-worthy hair selfies!

Stress-Free Styling
We know you love to move around when you're styling your hair, so we've given you a long 3-meter cord that swivels 360°. Plus, we threw in a heat-resistant glove to keep your hands safe. Safety first, always!

No Worries with Our Warranty We believe in our Curl Stick V2.0 so much that we're giving you a 2-year new-for-old replacement warranty. That means if anything goes wrong, we’ve got your back!

Get your Muk Curl Stick V2.0 today and get ready to rock those curls and waves like never before. Your hair game just got a serious upgrade!

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