Best Hair Products for Curly Hair

Best Hair Products for Curly Hair

Curly hair stands out as a testament to natural beauty and grace. People with curly locks often navigate a different range of products, aiming to strike the perfect balance between moisture, hold, and shine. 

Strut Hair Care recognises this challenge and seeks to simplify it. Understanding that not all curls are created equal is essential, and the right products can make a difference. This blog will better list the best hair care products tailored for those twists and turns. 

Understanding Curl Types

Understanding your curl type is important, especially in Australia, where diverse hair types flourish under our unique climate. Curl types range from wavy to coily, presenting characteristics and care needs. 

The most common classification breaks curls down into four types: Type 1 (straight), Type 2 (wavy), Type 3 (curly), and Type 4 (coily). Wavy hair (Type 2) tends to bend slightly and range from loose to more defined S-shaped waves. Curly hair (Type 3) spirals more distinctly and can vary from loose curls to tight ringlets. 

Coily hair (Type 4), often the most fragile, coils tightly into Z-shaped patterns or zigzags. Recognising your curl type isn’t just about naming; it’s the first step in selecting products that enhance, protect, and celebrate your unique hair structure. With this knowledge, you’re better equipped to provide your curls with the tailored care they deserve.

Must-Have Products for Curly Hair

Curly hair, while undeniably beautiful, demands particular attention and the right products to truly shine. From cleansing to styling, each product is chosen for its proven efficacy in enhancing and maintaining the natural beauty of curls. 

All Soft Mega Curls Conditioner


Curls deserve nourishment that maintains their natural allure and ensures their health. The All Soft Mega Curls Conditioner is an exquisite choice specially crafted for those with severely dry curls and coils. This conditioner goes beyond hydration, promising curl definition and luminosity extending up to 72 hours. 

It also offers enhanced frizz control, a boon for those who use heat styling. One of its distinctive features is its ability to re-activate curls on non-wash days, ensuring bouncy and well-defined hair. 

Ethical consumers will appreciate its vegan formulation, devoid of any animal-derived ingredients. For an all-rounded curl care experience, this conditioner, designed to align with your hair’s natural texture, truly sets the benchmark.

Curl Creme Definer

The quest for the ideal curl-enhancing product finds its answer in Davroe’s Curl Creme Definer. Infused with a lightweight and moisture-rich formula, this cream is meticulously designed to address the challenges curly hair often faces. It triumphs in smoothing and taming any unruliness, eliminating the ever-dreaded frizz. 

Beyond its primary function, it accentuates the hair’s natural shine, giving curls the bounce they deserve. 

Another feather in its cap is its commitment to health and wellness, being free from both petrochemicals and parabens. This product is a reliable companion if you’re journeying to enhance your curls while ensuring they’re treated with the utmost care.

CURLiCUE Hydrating Hair Oil

With a name like CURLiCUE, one can only expect the finest treatment for their curls. This lightweight, ultra-moisturising oil is a harmonious blend of nine botanical oils, including the likes of Abyssinica Seed, Argan, and Avocado, to name a few. 

Its unique ability to offer intense hydration while softly defining waves and curls makes it remarkable. Easily absorbed by the hair, it strengthens and conditions and imparts a glossy finish bound to turn heads. Whether you apply it on damp hair as a leave-in or as a pre-wash oil treatment, it promises to deliver results you and your curls will love.

Creative Curls Cream

When it comes to embracing the beauty of curls, Creative Curls Cream offers an exceptional solution. This product conditions and controls your curls and imparts a moisture-rich touch, ensuring every twist and turn shines brilliantly. 

The outcome? Smooth, lustrous, and impeccably defined curls. An added advantage: this curl cream is free from potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens and sulphates, ensuring your hair remains as healthy as it looks.

CURLiCUE Curl Balm


Navigating the myriad of curl products can be daunting, but Davroe’s CURLiCUE Curl Balm stands out in the crowd. Perfect for those seeking hydration with the right touch of hold, this balm doesn’t just style—it nourishes. It infuses beneficial avocado oil and guarantees a silky, glossed finish while enhancing natural curl patterns. 

It’s a multifaceted wonder that detangles, hydrates, and offers heat protection. This product prides itself on being vegan, cruelty-free, and devoid of silicones, sulphates, and drying alcohols—making it a prime choice for the discerning curly-haired individual.

CURLiCUE Deep Conditioning Rinse

A deeply hydrating conditioner is curly hair’s best ally, and the CURLiCUE Deep Conditioning Rinse is precisely that. This product is infused with potent ingredients like avocado oil, kakadu plum, and lotus flower extracts, harmoniously restoring hair’s moisture and radiance. 

As a result, hair becomes tangle-free, and the luxurious avocado oil ensures smoothness, free from any heaviness. With its anti-frizz actives, expect defined curls full of body and movement, culminating in a polished, glossy finish.

Head Muk 20 In 1 Miracle Treatment

For those who desire an all-encompassing solution, the Head Muk 20 In 1 Miracle Treatment emerges as the frontrunner. This comprehensive leave-in treatment caters to hair concerns— from softening, adding shine, preventing frizz, and nurturing damaged hair to guarding against environmental aggressors like salt water and chlorine. 

Its power-packed formula reduces breakage, ensures protection from thermal tools, and even hastens blow-drying time. Moreover, its enticing blend of passionfruit and watermelon fragrance offers a sensorial experience, making hair care an absolute delight.

Curly Hair Tips

  • Due to Australia’s often dry climate, moisturise your curls using a good quality conditioner or hair oil.
  • Wear a hat or use hair products with UV protection to shield your curls from the harsh Australian sun.
  • Limit washing to 2-3 times a week to prevent stripping natural oils, which is essential for curl health.
  • They are gentler and help retain the natural moisture in your hair.
  • Do a deep conditioning treatment once a week, especially if you frequent the beach or pool.
  • This helps to seal cuticles, ensuring shinier and less frizzy curls.
  • Dry your hair with a microfibre towel or cotton t-shirt to reduce frizz and breakage.
  • Only detangle your hair when wet using a wide-toothed comb or fingers.
  • If using a hair dryer, use a diffuser attachment. It distributes heat evenly and reduces frizz.
  • Too much heat can damage curls. If you must, always use a heat protectant.
  • After beach visits, rinse your hair. Sea salt can dry out your curls.
  • Consider a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce friction and breakage overnight.
  • Regular trims prevent split ends and keep your curls looking fresh.
  • Drink plenty of water. Hydration from within benefits hair health.
  • Invest in Australian-made hair products tailored to local climate and water quality.

Celebrate Your Curls

Every curl deserves its moment to shine, and with the right care, that’s possible for everyone. By choosing the best products, you invest not only in your hair’s health but also in its natural beauty. Curly hair is a gift; you can cherish it daily with Strut Hair Care. Let your curls take centre stage, and wear them with pride.

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